One thing about me: I don鈥檛 play about my sleep!

That being said, s/o to @BioloopSleep for helping me improve my sleep so that I can maximize my recovery and reach my goals.

Super proud of my dear friend (@JoshuaTCollin) for co-founding this start up!

Sleep with a baby is ROUGH. Been working with @BioloopSleep and the @ouraring for about a month to optimize the 馃挙 I am able to get, and I highly recommend Bioloop for those struggling to sleep and those that just want to get the best sleep they can!

Personalized health data is the future and exciting to see @BioloopSleep leading the charge!

More physicians and researchers now realize there is a need for more precise and effective, and personalized treatments.

Thrilled to see what's next @JoshuaTCollin @jasonljin

"Everyone [would benefit from @BioloopSleep]. I don't know one person who is satisfied with their sleep. Sleep is something that we take for granted."

It's so absurd how sleeping poorly has become the accepted norm for so long. That's going to change 馃ぉ鈿★笍

鈥減ersonalized sleep coaching has arrived.鈥

The @ouraring and @BioloopSleep together are a must have sleep improvement tech stack.

1/3 of US adults don鈥檛 get enough sleep.

Deep, @BioloopSleep, @risescience, and @eightsleep are tackling this problem.

Next up, expect to see more smart saunas and sensory experiences from the likes of Ancient Ritual, Florens, and OPUS.

starting my sleep journey w the oura ring

thx for icing me up @BioloopSleep 鉂勶笍

has been super helpful in helping me understand and improve my sleep!

@JoshuaTCollin thank you so much for all the help you and the entire team are doing to help me optimize recovery

I鈥檓 taking this thing that we spend 1/3 of our lives doing more serious.

@BioloopSleep x @ouraring

#Sleep #Health #PerformanceEnhancement

I think you and my @BioloopSleep coach are already on it 馃槈

Been using oura ring for a long time now and tried quite a few things. The data driven coaching from @BioloopSleep really made a difference. Give it a try. I am not affiliated but I feel your pain, been there.