Check out @KitemakerHQ it's like one step closer to notepad but with the same joy.

.@SigurdSeteklev @ksimons and team @KitemakerHQ have been shipping in an impressively consistent way since day 1, so this seed round is no surprise and well deserved. Congrats!! 馃挭馃挭馃殌

Oh wow, I like how Kitemaker is clean

.@KitemakerHQ looks like everything I like about @Trello plus plus

We use @KitemakerHQ - it鈥檚 definitely the fastest tool out there! (Perfect for product teams)

The biggest "wow" moment I've had with a product in a long time is the Figma + @KitemakerHQ integration. Chills.

.@KitemakerHQ looks like Trello, Slack, and Google Wave (RIP) had a beautiful love child!

We need better tools to manage the software dev process. The current loose or non-existent coupling b/t source control, proj management, and team communication is inefficient & demotivating

Before, our discussions were scattered all across tools. With Kitemaker we actually end up writing a lot in the work items and the discussions happen right there.

Cool kids never use Jira 馃槃

We鈥檝e been using @KitemakerHQ

If you're looking for a Jira alternative we looked at Linear and several others and ended up choosing @KitemakerHQ. Pros: designed around collaboration of PMs, designers, and devs; not opinionated about your dev methodology; super fast; hotkeys for everything; Notion like blocks

is The Most Loved Productivity tool this batch. Jira Killer

Well done @SigurdSeteklev @ksimons

Kitemaker merges Trello, Notion and Slack with a focus on Getting Things Done.

Worth checking out if you are in the market for a new project management tool!

Really liking how @KitemakerHQ shows relationships between tasks. Not your average critical path stuff.