Thank you @ljin18 and the amazing course team supporting #creatoreconomycourse, one of the most engaged learning experiences ever, and loved the shared learning that happened among this passionate community of founders, operators and investors #futureoflearning

Yeah, Li’s course is a perfect example of where CBCs excel. Namely, she studies a fast-changing sector of the economy that’s widely misunderstood. And her personal OODA loop, which she distills into her curriculum, is faster than any institution‘s ability to keep up.

@ljin18’s course is happening right now and it’s amazing.

People are joining from Switzerland, India, Ireland, and all of the world.

These next few weeks are going to be pretty special.

Another great & counterintuitive insight from the creator economy course with @ljin18 and guest @kevinlin of Twitch: early marketing efforts focused on building deep customer relationships OFFLINE (phone calls, conferences) rather than spending $ on digital marketing. 🔥

“Creators are not homogenous. Fans are not homogenous.” (I’m taking @ljin18’s course “Building for the Creator Economy” and it’s wall-to-wall wisdom)

And I am 10000% more likely to take Li’s creator economy course than even one from an Ivy League school (assuming they even offered one)

Thank you @ljin18 for the miraculous Creator Economy Course🙏🏼I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude for the inspiring content, the wonderful team and the perfect cohort vibe🥰 It makes me feel this is where I belong❤️

I'm rediscovering BTS(I'm Korean!) through @_judyknows 's amazing posts as part of @ljin18 's course. Simply mindblowing level of analysis and fun series. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing I also had an 'aha' moment and 'get' BTS now.

So stoked to be part of the Creator Economy Course by @ljin18

Li Jin is a force in the creator ecosystem and I'm keen to learn from her as well as the incredible founders and peers from all over the globe.

Where is my @lennysan PM course' OGs at?

What a run we had! Thanks Lenny🙏

Inspired by @BrandonMChu's AMA in @lennysan's course

He brought up that people are apprehensive of putting their ideas out there cause it's a reflection of the way you think & a very vulnerable thing to do.

While docs =/= blog, I think the same principle applies ‼️

Thank you @lennysan, for the insightful course .. so many insights and learnings to reflect on.

One non-product thing @lennysan's PM course has showed me: cohort based courses work well and I would bet that will become very popular.

Going to post a thread of some of my favorite take-aways this weekend.

My first day of school outfit is ready for @lennysan’s product course tomorrow 🥵

thank you so much for deciding to start your cohort course! This has been by far the best educational experience I have ever had (and the fantastic community is just the cherry on the pie)!!!

I’m currently doing @shl’s Minimalist Entrepreneur course. When it started I was convinced I’d be building a SaaS app. But that’s changed! I’m now making my own course to help demystify design for indie hackers. And it feels great! 🙌

Overall, 10/10 would recommend.

Take Li's course if you're interested in the creator economy and don't be surprised to see cohort based courses continue to take off

Web3 and Dapp session by @jessewldn in @ljin18's creator economy course is blowing my mind right now.

I’m really, really enjoying @ljin18’s Creator Economy course so far!

If Li runs another cohort, I highly recommend applying

I’ve really been enjoying @ljin18’s creator economy course these last few weeks, but today felt like a special treat


Recent great example of cohort-based courses are:

- @ljin18's Creator Economy Course
- The Minimalist Entrepreneur Course by @shl
- A Product Management Course by @lennysan

You should take a cohort-based online course.

It's an amazing way to meet new people, learn, and get a sense of what's possible.

The best thing I've done in 20/21 was to take one (@ljin18's & launch one ( w/ @antonyslumbers)

Talking to folks at @ljin18’s course got me thinking why being a creator in Finland is actually great:

💻 Easy to create a company, min bureaucracy

🇫🇮 A culture that supports small businesses

🚀 Entrepreneurship societies and accelerators accessible

I'm thoroughly enjoying @ljin18's creator economy course. 💯

It's forced me to really think about who these creators are from first principles.

Here are 3 ingredients that I think define successful creators: Independent, Sustainable, and Scalable.

For those with 2021 profit resolutions, take this course to check off one of those goals! ✅✅✅

So thankful to be able to learn from you, @lennysan, every day!

More generally, that’s one of my favorite things about the course so far: how tactical and immediately applicable @lennysan’s teachings are. I’ve begun to apply lessons from the last few weeks and am already seeing the resulting positive impacts. Thank you, Lenny! (4/4)

@lennysan's PM course keeps on surprising! Last minute amazing speakers being added to the line-up, I'm living for it🙌

Wish I had this course when I started out in PM! Congrats @lennysan and cohort 1 🎆🎆

Key takeaways from a “Good PMs, Great PMs” themed @shreyas AMA -- a surprise segment of @lennysan’s PM Fundamentals Course:

Wow, the value here is insane. Li Jin arguably knows more about the creator economy than anyone else on the planet and she's teaching a live course on it. Love it. This is the future of education.

I just completed the 1st cohort of this course. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn in a fun & structured way over the course of a month amongst a broad & diverse community of like-minded people looking to. learn, invest or a new career path

@patel0phone @CJSakamoto15

Best thing I did in 2021 was enrolling in @shl cohort based course: the minimalist entrepreneur.

@gaganbiyani new startup will disrupt the whole education industry🚀

Go @ljin18!

This is the ultimate course for anyone building around the creator economy.

was fortunate to get an early run of @ljin18’s course on the creator economy. it had:

🤝 thoughtful group exercises
✅ comprehensive breakdowns
🤗 easily applicable frameworks

highly recommended for anyone curious about this space 🚀

The worst thing about @ljin18's course is not that the live sessions start at midnight in my timezone.
It's that they always leave me fired up so much I can never go to bed right after.
It's like doing shots of espresso for 90 mins
Buzzing for building for creators 🚀🎭🎨🎤🎙📚

The synergy that @ljin18 and crew have implemented in her #creativeconomy course is mesmerizing. Not just the priceless knowledge, but the interactions and cooperation between students 🧠. Takeaway of the day: Creator's ROI = (audience+revenue) / (time+effort+cost).

Finishing Week 2 of @ljin18's Creator Economy Course. I feel like I've been given superpowers to further set the framework & focus of our business. Beyond Li's incredible orchestration, this cohort of incredibly talented people has been outstanding at pushing one another forward.

Just joined the Slack channel for @ljin18's Creator Economy course and I'm totally blown away by the caliber of individuals in this cohort.. So many impressive people building impressive products

Met so many wild creators in this creator economy course!!! And the ideas that are coming out from this creators is 🤯🤯🤯

Thanks @ljin18 😌😌😌

Enjoying @ljin18's Creator Economy Course and thinking a lot about her notion of creator market fit aka cult/messiah fit.

If you're new to product management or aspire to level up your skills, I strongly encourage you to consider taking @lennysan's product management fundamentals course. An excellent use of your time and your company and customers will reap the benefits.

I’m really enjoying @lennysan's Product Management Fundamentals cohort-based course. I can't perfectly describe why it feels so special, but I want to try. I think it's four things

1. Curated Content
2. Curious Classmates
3. Collaborative Conversation
4. Committed Coaches


Last week marked the end of @lennysan inaugural #ProductManagementFundamentals course. Highly encourage those who are starting their product careers to check out this program. Thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to immediately applying learnings in practice.

I’ve really been enjoying @lennysan’s PM Fundamentals course these last few weeks, but today felt like a special treat (1/4)

@lennysan's students in his PM Fundamentals course were asked to share their favorite PM article/book/advice, and they showed the power of community and cohort-based learning with so many resources! Here's a summarized list:

Bold but true - I probably learned more in 6 weeks of @lennysan’s PM fundamentals course than the last 6 months+ full time in Product. It’s that tactical! It’s that good!

Excited to stay connected with my cohort and to carry these lessons forward!

(OG’s where ya at)

If I were starting a company now, I'd take this course from @shl, founder of Gumroad and brilliant communicator. Check it out: