4. Reddit — use @gummy_search . 
This is an amazing tool for researching Reddit subs! Just type in your keyword and get relevant subs.

Sneak peek into Solution requests (!) and Pain expression (what people in these subs are unhappy about. A gold mine for product design!

1st thing that came to mind:

"Do you know @gummy_search?"

You can find communities and conversations on Reddit there. Then you find people to talk to.

As known, Reddit can be a great way to find your audience. There are so many different subreddits, one of them might be yours.

I just tried @gummy_search, a tool for discovering more efficiently Reddit communities and their problems around specific topics.

I really like how it improves the visibility of results across a specific set of relevant communities.

Such a great idea, @foliofed! 👏

Shoutout to @foliofed for building @gummy_search. We used it for our first report, and are currently using it for the second! Can def recommend it.

Also, shoutout to @arvidkahl for being a great inspiration for audience-first businesses and providing awesome content!