Love how @Razorpay X has solved the major headache of multiple Govt website logins with their workflows

Our CA & I have abandoned our "read me" password doc - Razorpay has automated filings for TDS (26A & 26Q), Profession Tax (state wise) + GST

Absolute blessing of a product

.@Razorpay X thank you for bringing my lust back for new products as I wait excitedly to get onboarded.

Also hat-tip to the team member who wrote the copy on the landing page, it struck a deep chord. 馃槶

Oh yes!
I love how smoothly our students are able to withdraw their cashbacks with the RazorpayX Payout links.

It barely needs our intervention. And they hardly have queries.


Just tried Razorpay X & what a beautiful smooth experience it is to do payout via links.

Same process on any bank would take 15 more steps & OTP entering 5 times.