In advising start-ups, I've seen two common ways to ship from GitHub -> AWS.

1/ Hire engineer spending 25% of their time on devops & 100% when things break
2/ Automate w/ @Zeet_Co

Just saying, second one seems easier

thanks to @Zeet_Co i got docker container running tonight to connect Unreal Engine app to Twitch so chat can interact with game world live on stream

set up took less than an hour and that's only bc I had a zillion dumb questions

skipped 10 pages of documentation. ZEET RULES

Switched to @Zeet_Co for @postulateapp today and MongoDB is very happy πŸ˜› serverless + MongoDB was a nightmare, Zeet made it super easy to deploy my project back on a server. Thanks @_johnnydallas_ for building it 😁

I love @Zeet_Co so damn much

It just **works**